India’s first-ever scuba diving festival on an island is here, It’s free and open for non-swimmers too! | Location: Murudeshwara | Call / WhatsApp: 83800 87062

Ever wondered what being weightless and free of all worries feels like? Away from the endless rush of a 9-5 job, your “island paradise” is right here in Karnataka! Ditch the gridlock and deadlines for a magical world that lies under the ocean, a true jewel of Karnataka- Netrani.
Located at the Beach town of Murudeshwara, the Government of Karnataka invites you to Experience a two day SCUBA Adventure at the Netrani island on January 6 and 7, 2018. Promoting SCUBA and sustainable living, the festival is perfect for people to experience SCUBA Diving for the first time or have the time of your life at the Murudeshwara Beach as a Visitor.
Right from trial dives for beginners, to fun dives for certified divers, the scuba festival will have a host of activities such as snorkelling, underwater hockey and introduction to free-diving. The visitors too, will be in for a beachy treat with water sports, beach football and spikeball. For those keen on venturing into the world beyond the land, there will be talks by experts, movie screenings and a photo exhibition of the underwater world. Participants & Visitors will also get to witness the local culture with an evening planned by the government.
With a strong belief in conservation and sustainability, the festival will also host cleanup drives wherein certified divers can participate in underwater reef cleanup while others can give back to the local communities by participating in beach cleanup drive.
Netrani Scuba Diving Festival is sponsored by the Government of Karnataka, organized by Finkick Adventures and the SCUBA diving is provided by dive centers present at Murudeshwara - Dive Goa, Netrani Adventures and West Coast Adventures.
If you have been waiting for a weekend getaway or to try something as exciting as scuba, then this festival is the place to be at. So, all the water babies, the blue ocean and the world within await you at the Netrani Scuba Diving Festival, hop on and dive in to explore life like never before!

About Netrani and Murudeshwara: Tucked away amongst the quiet coastline and just 200 kilometres from Goa, Murudeshwara, a small but thriving fishing village, is Karanataka’s secret gateway to a world of spectacular beaches and sunsets.
Murudeshwara, also known for the Largest Shiv Statue in the world is home to Netrani, a heart shaped quaint island situated 20 nautical miles from Murudeshwara. Used by the Navy for practise until a decade ago, Netrani found its new identity with the discovery of a vibrant reef around it. A marine protected area with regulated fishing, the island is one of the best dive sites on mainland India and only a weekend trip away!
Getting There:
  • Fly-In : The nearest airport is in Mangalore, about 137 km away from Murudeshwar
  • Steam-In : Murudeshwar railway station on the Konkan route the closest station at 1.5 kms.
  • Drive In : Get your car and enjoy the scenic and curvy NH66! It's just 8 hours from Bangalore & Mysore, 5 hours from Goa, 3 hours from Mangalore, 10 hours from Pune and about 12 hours from Mumbai. 
    Fee: Free entry ; Underwater zone pass: INR 5,000 (10% off when booking for 2 or more)